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Job Description:

The day-to-day duties of a medical technologist include complex analysis of microscopic, biologic, bateriologic, hematologic and chemical tests and their results. Some tasks that a medical technolgist might be asked to perform could include:

·         Establishing and monitoring programs that ensure data accuracy

·         Delivering test results to processing section

·         Process blood samples for send-out

·         Ensures satisfactory conduct and competence in assisting patients and clients in the receipt of laboratory request and specimens


·         Does all laboratory tests such as chemical tests, and microscopic tests.

·         Observe proper laboratory safety and waste management.

·         Helps in the safeguarding laboratory facilities and equipment in the area of responsibility

·         Ensures reliability of every laboratory result.

·         Practices proper documentation and interpretation of test results.

·         Verify record and report laboratory results on all performed test. Ensure compliance with government requirements, hospital policies and laboratory procedures, including maintaining the cleanliness of lab equipment, instruments and work area.

Other Responsibilities


1.      Keeps the Pathologist informed of day-to-day operations and reports significant incidents that occur in the Department.

2.      Ensures that the laboratory staffs are kept posted and comply with the established policies and procedures of the clinic.

3.      Assures that all examinations and procedures done in the Laboratory Section are in accordance with the prescribed standards of the Bureau Licensing and Regulation and standard acceptable practice.

4.      Counsels and sees implementation of corrective policies and procedures against complaints involving laboratory personnel.

5.      Responsible for standardization, calibration and setting up new procedures for the laboratory.

6.      See to it that all equipment's are properly maintained in the clinic.

7.      Adjusts and improves work procedures using her knowledge of machine and equipment capacities.

8.      Processes and releases quality laboratory and reliable laboratory results at the earliest possible time.

9.      Monitors the waste management in the Laboratory Section.


·         Male / Female (21 - 35 years old)

·         Candidate must possess a Bachelor's / College Degree in Medical Technology.

·         Applicant should have professional license.

·         At least one (1) year related laboratory work experience is required for this position.


For Interested Applicants please email Ms. Shalom at or

call (02) 556-2744/ 09189622924 or you can directly visit to our facility on Monday to Friday, clinic hours 8:00am-5:00pm, located at Lot 22 Block 38 Calatagan St., Palanan, Makati City.

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